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For over 100 years, our commitment to the well being of our employees, communities, and customers has remained unwavering. Even through the 2008 automotive crisis, zero employees were laid off.

Relationships First

As a family business, we don’t think about people as numbers. We think about people as people. Every interaction we have with customers and with each other is rooted in genuine respect and compassion.


Passion fuels each of the other 5 Core Values. We find passionate people to be more productive, more resourceful, and more fun to work with. Sound like you? You’ll find yourself at home at Pritchard Companies.

Work Ethic

We believe old fashioned hard work often separates the good from the great. At Pritchard Companies, we go the extra mile for our customers and coworkers, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Do The Right Thing

We believe integrity has inherit value. It’s true that it pays to be trustworthy, but it’s also simply the right thing to do. This conviction informs each decision we make, even when no one is watching.

Driven To Improve

We strive to see and take ownership of opportunities for improvement in our businesses and in ourselves. Likewise, our companies are dedicated to investing in employees who take initiative and raise the bar.   


Building a legacy of trust and excellence.

Over a century of consistent integrity and hard work has earned Pritchard Companies trust and respect in the automotive industry. However, we believe legacies can't be rested upon – they must be continually built and maintained. Year after year, we continue to build trust by serving our customers with excellence.


Providing value, expertise, and a seamless transportation experience.

We leverage our deep industry expertise and national networks to save our customers time and eliminate transportation headaches. If your company uses vehicles to operate, we're passionate about making that part of your business completely seamless.

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